4 Ways To Restore Your Smile This Year [BLOG]

It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of another month! We couldn’t let January get away from us without letting you know about how our team at Beckham Dental can restore your smile this year.

It’s never too late to strive for a healthier smile, so today, we’re filling you in on just four ways to restore your smile in 2018, and look amazing as a result!

#1 – Dedicate Yourself To Routine Dental Care

A smile needs to be restored oftentimes because of a lack of routine professional dental care. If this is you, then maybe it’s time to rededicate yourself to regular dental cleanings and exams in 2018.

Many times, we find that it’s fear keeping patients away. But at Beckham Dental, you don’t have anything to be afraid of! We offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation, both of which are safe and highly effective in helping patients feel completely relaxed so they can come to the dentist without fear, stress, or anxiety.

Sedation dentistry is also tremendously helpful in giving patients the courage to keep coming back.

Why is it so important to overcome your dental anxiety? Because without routine cleanings and exams, you can’t prevent gum disease effectively enough. On your own, daily brushing and flossing will only go so far. While they’re crucial to a healthy mouth, you need a professional who knows what to look for, and who has the tools to spot it before it does too much damage.

Maybe all you need this year is to overcome the hurdle of dental anxiety so you can keep those consistent appointments for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Feel free to contact our Cave Creek, AZ dental office to learn more about how we can make you feel comfortable in our care! Call us at 602-842-6188 or fill out our online form to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

#2 – Repair & Strengthen Teeth With Dental Crowns

We had a new patient recently who came to us complaining about an old silver filling that, to her, had been quite the eye sore when she smiled for a couple of decades. Upon closer inspection, the healthy part of her tooth had become so deteriorated over the years, that a dental crown was her best solution.

The benefit here was twofold. Not only were we able to cover and strengthen her weakening tooth, but her new, natural-looking dental crown hid the unsightly dark filling from long ago, giving her a great boost of confidence about her smile overall.

Who says restorative dentistry can’t have cosmetic benefits?

#3 – Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Perhaps the most important way to protect and preserve the health of your smile, and your overall wellness, is to replace missing teeth. That’s because one lost tooth can ultimately lead to bone loss, gum deterioration, and ultimately, more tooth loss if it’s never replaced.

The great news is how easily that can be avoided with help from Dr. Beckham and our team! Dr. Beckham has had extensive training in the field of implant dentistry, so you know you’re in very capable hands when you’re seeking lasting tooth replacement options that work!

#4 – Beautify & Protect Teeth With Dental Veneers

When it comes to restorative and cosmetic solutions for your smile, no other treatment strategy blends the two areas of dentistry than veneers. That’s thanks to the way they not only make your teeth look bright and flawless, but veneers are surprisingly strong and can keep your teeth protected for decades from further damage that might threaten your health.

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You can aim for all sorts of goals for the new year. Whether it’s for improved health, more courage, a new hobby, or spending more time with family, now is the perfect time for a fresh start.

With this clean slate in front of you, make your goal for a restored, functional, beautiful smile easier to achieve by trusting the right team!

At Beckham Dental, you have many options in restorative and cosmetic dentistry to get the healthy, attractive smile you want for the life you deserve. We’re excited to be part of your journey toward a completely restored smile this year.

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