How To Beat Dental Anxiety For Good! [BLOG]

As your dentist appointment looms, are you overcome with fear? Does your heart start racing every time you involuntarily glance at the dry-erase calendar hanging on your kitchen wall with your appointment day loudly circled?

Then today’s blog is for you. Our team at Beckham Dental in Cave Creek, AZ want you to know that you have no reason to be afraid.

Dental anxiety is more common than you may think, so we’ve seen our share of fearful patients. We can help you, just like we’ve helped so many others over the years.

If you’re anxious about getting the dental care you need, we encourage you to give us a call today! Our warm, caring team understands how you feel and want to listen to your concerns. We will go out of our way to help you get the treatment you need to make sure your smile gets healthy and stays that way!

Surprising Facts About Dental Anxiety

We believe that knowledge is power. In that spirit, let’s take a look at some quick facts about dental anxiety.

#1: You’re In Good Company

You’re a rational person. You know that the dentist doesn’t have it out for you. You know the dental hygienist isn’t going out of their way to cause you pain. They want to help. Intellectually, you know all of this.

But the fear is still there, and it’s still very real. Because you know your fears are probably not warranted, it can be quite isolating. But you’re actually not alone. An estimated 30-40 million Americans suffers from dental anxiety. That’s a huge number, so if you’re feeling ashamed at all about the heart palpitations that come when you think about your next checkup, just know that you’re in good company!

#2: You Share Similar Reasons

Although the underlying causes of your dental anxiety may differ from the next person’s, typically there are four main reasons behind it:

  1. You’re worried about being judged because of the state of your teeth or oral health.
  2. You’re terrified of the pain.
  3. You’ve had negative dental experiences in your past.
  4. You feel out of control because you don’t understand what’s going to happen next.

#3: Your Level Of Fear

Anyone who is afraid of the dentist is going to feel a different level of fear and anxiety. What’s really unfortunate is that some people, maybe even you, are so terrified of it that you skip routine dental cleanings and exams.

This puts your oral and overall health at risk. Beckham Dental wants you to know that help is out there, and it’s as easy as a quick phone call to our office!

Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety

Know The Why

Before you can overcome any challenge in life, you have to first identify what the challenge is. Try to understand why you’re so fearful of the dentist. Reflect back on your childhood experiences with dental visits and whether they were positive or negative. Or visualize a typical dental appointment and try to identify the parts of the visit that give you the most anxiety. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you figure out what it is so you can more effectively overcome it.

Talk It Out

Sometimes, all it takes to deal with a problem is a conversation with someone who understands. It can be a trusted friend, family member, or even someone from our staff at Beckham Dental. Remember, millions of people have the same fear, so you’re likely to find someone who at least understands what you’re going through.

Beckham Dental Can Help Your Smile Stay Healthy And Beautiful

When you trust your oral health to our highly trained team at Beckham Dental, you can rest in the knowledge that you’re in good, caring hands. We want to make sure your time with us is nothing but positive. That’s why we offer amenities so you can relax more easily during treatment. That includes cozy blankets, pillows, TVs, headphones, and soothing eucalyptus to help you feel comfortable. We also offer sedation options for people who need a bit more help staying calm and relaxed.

Let us help you overcome dental anxiety! Give us a call today at 602-842-6188 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.