How Cosmetic Dentistry Makes You Look Younger [BLOG]

With the fixation on beauty in our culture, there’s so much pressure for us to maintain a youthful appearance. We spend billions of dollars every year in this country on this effort. From clothes to spa treatments to even expensive plastic surgery, we can all relate to this high maintenance endeavor.

But it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. At Beckham Dental, we have a team of highly-trained specialists in cosmetic dentistry that can beautify your smile and take years off of your appearance.

Forget the invasive, expensive surgeries or the high end beauty products that fail to deliver on their promises. Consider cosmetic dentistry and how it can give you back a more youthful smile.

What Happens To Your Teeth As You Age?

You often hear about the downside to aging. What you don’t often hear about, though, are the perks! After you’ve lived a little, you’ve learned from your mistakes, grown as a person, and even perhaps, have become a bit wiser.

But the effects of aging on your appearance, particularly on your smile, aren’t quite as advantageous. Here’s what we mean:

Aging Changes The Color Of Your Teeth As you get older, the color of your teeth will start to change from bright white to dull, yellow, gray, and dingy. It could be from age itself, medical conditions, tobacco use, or just years of darkly pigmented food and drinks.

Damaged Teeth Can Make You Look Older – Chipped or cracked teeth from eating hard foods or from oral injury can actually make you look older than you are. The outline of your teeth will change with time as well just from normal wear and tear.

Your Teeth Shift As You Age – It might surprise you to know that your teeth never actually stop moving, but it’s true. It slows, to be sure, but the shifting never really stops. That means that even if you’ve undergone orthodontic treatment at some point during your youth, as an older adult your teeth won’t be as straight as they once were.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Hide Your Age?

In our Cave Creek, AZ dental office, you can choose from a number of cosmetic treatments to defy your age:

Professional Teeth Whitening – One of the simplest ways to achieve a more youthful smile is with a whitening treatment, whether it’s right here in our office or with our custom take-home trays.

Dental Bonding / Dental Veneers – Tooth bonding is an easy, affordable way to cover imperfections in your smile such as minor chips, cracks, or small gaps between your teeth. But for larger gaps, chips, and cracks, veneers are a long-lasting, strong, gorgeous cosmetic solution!

Dental Implants – When you’re missing one or several teeth, you can definitely look older than you actually are. Not only do you look older, your oral and overall health is threatened when you choose not to replace missing teeth. Dental implants give you a full set of natural-looking replacements that function just like the real thing.

Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation With Us!

If you’ve gone to great lengths to improve your appearance, you know all about what it can do for your level of confidence. Not only do you look younger, but you feel younger. There’s something about how knowing you look great puts an extra spring in your step!

That’s what cosmetic dentistry can do for you. You can reclaim the smile of your youth, look and feel amazing, and perhaps even improve your oral and overall health. The greatest part is that it doesn’t have to involve thousands and thousands of dollars, hours in the gym each day for months and months, or invasive, risky plastic surgery.

It can happen with a visit to our Cave Creek, AZ dental office! With our team of highly-qualified dental professionals, you get the treatment you need for a youthful, more beautiful smile in the hands of people who have the skill, experience, and artistry to make it happen.

Leave the exhausting beauty race to someone else! Let us help you look younger with a more beautiful smile safely, effectively, and affordably. Give us a call today at 602-842-6188 or fill out our online form to schedule your cosmetic consultation!