Don’t Water Down The Facts About Dry Mouth [BLOG]

If you lined up all of the possible dental problems you might encounter in your lifetime, dry mouth probably wouldn’t be at the top of your list of concerns. The truth is, though, dry mouth should be taken seriously.

Not only is dry mouth really uncomfortable, but it can also be blamed for other issues with your oral health that need to be addressed. That’s why our team at Beckham Dental wants you to know more about dry mouth and how to keep this off the list of dental problems you will face in the future.

Dry Mouth Is Uncomfortable!

One of our most basic human needs is water. That’s why thirst can be so uncomfortable. We need water to survive, and your teeth and gums definitely need it to stay healthy.

If you suffer from chronic dry mouth, you might experience many common symptoms that go along with it:

-A burning sensation inside your mouth


-Difficulty swallowing

-Cracked or chapped lips and frequent mouth sores

Dry Mouth Can Lead To Other Oral Health Problems

In the most basic sense, dry mouth simply means you lack adequate saliva. Without enough saliva, your tooth enamel is left vulnerable to erosion. That’s because saliva is what gives your teeth a needed layer of protection from acids that eat away at them.

Saliva is not only your body’s natural mouthwash for food particles, but it is also full of necessary compounds that help your body defend itself against threats like decay and cavities.

As if that weren’t enough, dry mouth can also lead to chronic bad breath and an increased risk of gum disease.

Why Do You Have Dry Mouth?

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing dry mouth. Here are just a few!

Dehydration – This is pretty obvious. If you’re not drinking enough water, your teeth and gums will inevitably suffer the consequences. Water is essential to your overall health, and it also plays an important role in keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Certain OTC And Prescription Medications – If you’re taking antihistamines, decongestants, antidepressants, or muscle relaxers, you could be more likely to experience dry mouth. You obviously need to take medications to treat what ails you, but it’s beneficial to talk to your doctor about side effects and dosage to make sure you keep your mouth properly hydrated.

Health Conditions – Certain health problems and illnesses can lead to dry mouth such as cancer, for example. Chemotherapy and radiation are causes, so again, it’s just helpful to be aware of it so you can adjust your water intake appropriately.

Tobacco Use – We don’t need to tell you about the dangers of tobacco use when it comes to your health. But you can add dry mouth to list of problems it can cause. If you smoke or use other forms of tobacco, it’s better for your total wellness to do what you can to kick the habit for good!

Tips For Keeping Dry Mouth At Bay

Research and awareness are key when preventing dry mouth. So along with knowing more about the medications you’re taking and quitting tobacco use, it also helps to:

-Use chapstick to keep your lips moisturized

-Chew sugarless gum

-Cut back on caffeine

-Invest in a humidifier for your home

-Drink lots of water throughout the day

Another way you can treat and prevent dry mouth is to schedule an appointment at Beckham Dental. We can sit down with you to discuss the possible causes of your dry mouth and come up with solutions to keep it from threatening your smile.

You might need to incorporate more water into your diet, for example. Or perhaps you would benefit from our fluoride treatment or calcium phosphate rinse to effectively mitigate your dry mouth and its symptoms.

Your oral health is our top priority. We will work with you to come up with a customized treatment plan for making sure that your mouth stays adequately hydrated and your teeth and gums stay healthy and beautiful.

Are you ready to do something about your chronic, uncomfortable dry mouth before it affects your oral health? Then we’re ready to help you!

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