Fear Monsters This Halloween, Not The Dentist! [BLOG]

It’s a time of year to celebrate frightening costumes, mysterious sounds, and scary movies. Halloween gives us a reason to get all dressed up and play friendly pranks on friends and family. You get to have a little fun with just a hint of healthy fear.

But when you’re haunted by an honest, deep fear of the dentist’s office, it’s hard to get in the spirit of the spooky season when your dental checkup is lurking over your calendar!

That’s why our team at Beckham Dental wants to help you relax and feel comfortable in our Cave Creek dental office. You have nothing to fear with us. We’re committed to giving you a warm, inviting, and positive experience when your oral health is in our hands.

Fear little monsters, ghosts, and ghouls ringing your doorbell asking for candy, not the dentist! In today’s blog, we’re exploring reasons why coming to the dentist is the last thing you should be afraid of. In fact, you’ll understand more about how the dental office is actually the safest place for your smile!

Fear Poor Oral Health, Not The Dentist!

Millions of adults fear the dentist to such an extent that it keeps them from regular professional dental care. And it’s so common, there’s actually a term for it. It’s known as dental anxiety. At Beckham Dental, we’ve heard patients talk about all sorts of reasons behind their fears, and every single one of them makes perfect sense.

From negative or traumatic dental appointments as a child, to fears about pain, mysterious sounds and smells, or being out of control, we’ve heard and understand all of them. But we also know the kind of risk to your oral health that long absences from the dental chair can pose for you.

We’re not trying to capitalize on your fears. We just need you to know that failing to keep regular dental appointments leaves you vulnerable to all sorts of oral health problems. Not every issue with your teeth and gums will be noticeable to the untrained eye. And not every tool you find the oral care aisle can clean your teeth quite like our hygienists can.

Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to tooth decay, oral infections, loose teeth, gum disease, and even tooth loss. That’s why it’s incredibly important to visit our Cave Creek dental office at least twice a year.

With deep cleanings and thorough exams by our professionals, you’ll be able to avoid all those potentially dangerous oral health problems that would really give you something to fear!

Become Fearless With A Beautiful Smile!

Chances are, if you’ve dodged dental appointments for a long period of time, your smile will tell the story of your dental fear. This isn’t just a threat to your oral health.

It can also be devastating for your emotional well-being. If you have teeth and gums that’ve been damaged or stained from decay or gum disease, you won’t feel confident and comfortable around other people.

It’s the kind of dilemma where you’re not only being ruled by your fear of dental care, but you’re scared of being put in social situations. Instead, you isolate yourself to avoid embarrassment and judgment.

But that can all change when you trust our caring team at Beckham Dental! With our options in sedation dentistry, you can get the dental care you need without stress or fear. Nitrous oxide or oral sedation, according to your level of anxiety and the extent of your treatment plan, can help you feel completely relaxed while in the dental chair.

Imagine the possibilities for your smile if you not only felt more comfortable about cleanings and exams, but also had the courage to try cosmetic dentistry? You could have a more attractive, confident smile this season instead of an unsightly smile that has you running scared from an exciting social life!

Let Us Help Ease Your Dental Fear This Halloween!

Of all the things to be afraid of, our warm, friendly staff in Cave Creek shouldn’t be one of them! We care about you and your oral health. That’s why we go out of our way to offer you a comfortable, positive experience when you trust your smile to our care.

Give us a call at 602-842-6188 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.