Treat Bad Breath For A Better Valentine’s Day [BLOG]

Enjoy a better Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart thanks to breath treatment at Beckham Dental in Cave Creek, AZ!

Today, we’re taking a look at some common causes for stinky breath and offering tips and solutions for fresher breath everyday of the year!

How Bad Breath Becomes A Third Wheel

Is bad breath something that tags along with you everywhere lately? Unlike Cupid, this unwelcome guest is very real. And what’s worse, you may have been the one to send an invitation to Stinky McStink without even realizing it!

Your Mouth

Smelly breath can be caused by a number of things beyond your control.

But one of them is certainly within your control, and that’s daily brushing and flossing.

You just can’t skip on this step, for the sake of your breath, your Valentine’s Day, and your oral health.

Your Saliva

Saliva is more important than you’ve probably ever thought. It’s your tooth enamel’s trusted protector against harmful acids that love to chew right through it! Not only does saliva coat your teeth to block out acids, but saliva washes your mouth of particles and debris that only give bacteria more fuel.

That’s why you’ll want to be checked for dry mouth if it persists. We can do that for you at Beckham Dental!

Your Diet & Lifestyle

If you have a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, you could be contributing to the problem!

Smoking and other tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and a diet that commonly includes garlic and onions, you could try to scale back a bit and include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Your Health In General

Colds, sinus infections, and other respiratory problems can contribute to bad breath. But at least those sorts of illnesses are just temporary!

Other health conditions that can affect your breath may last longer. You also should consider any medications you’re currently taking and talk to your doctor about whether halitosis might be one of the side effects.

Keep Breath Minty Fresh For Your Valentine

You take pretty good care of your teeth and gums. Your smile looks nice. You even keep up with regular dental appointments for cleanings and exams.

So what else can you do about bad breath?

For one thing, you can get help with our breath treatment in Cave Creek, AZ!

You can also take a look at these strategies for swearing off the stink in between visits!

Your Oral Hygiene

Of course, the first thing to examine is your oral hygiene routine. Brushing twice each day and flossing once a day should be part of your routine already.

When your oral care routine is sporadic, you’re giving harmful bacteria a better chance to feed on sugar and food particles.

That means you’re vulnerable to bad breath, not to mention decay, cavities, infections, and gum disease.

Your Mouthwash

There are so many choices in mouthwash in your local drugstore’s dental care aisle. It can be tough to know which ones actually deliver on their promises to kill bacteria and freshen your breath.

Dr. Beckham and Dr. Ellsworth can give you their expert advice about which mouthwash may work best for you. Using it everyday as part of your oral care routine will help keep bad breath at bay!

Your Tongue

We find that bad breath can often be attributed to the smelly residue that plants itself on your tongue. If that’s the case for you, a simple tongue scraper could do the trick.

Also, make brushing your tongue a normal part of your oral hygiene routine.

Your Food

When you sit down to a romantic dinner, you should avoid strong smelling cheeses, spicy meat, and dishes that rely heavily on onions and garlic.

Sounds like Italian food is out, right?

That’s up to you. But you do generally see more odorous ingredients in Italian foods than many other types of cuisine.

Overall, you can make smarter, more breath-friendly choices when perusing the menu on Valentine’s Day.

Your Breath Fresheners

In a jam, you can always rely on the tried and true strategy for bad breath. Fresheners like breath spray, mints, mouth drops, and chewing gum are all generally effective.

Keep in mind that sugar can worsen breath, so opt for products containing xylitol. It is often used as an artificial sweetener in sugar-free chewing gum and breath mints because it actually combats bad breath rather than aggravating it.

Breath mints and gum will also help you avoid dry mouth, which often causes or worsens smelly breath.

Treat Bad Breath Today!

Whether it’s a first date or one of many with your lifetime Valentine, fresh breath is an important part of the confidence you need to be close to your romantic partner.

But if you feel like your breath has been tough to mask lately with daily brushing and flossing or standard breath mints, it’s time to take a deeper look.

At Beckham Dental, we can talk to you about your struggles with halitosis so we can better understand the real cause.

Then we plan your treatment accordingly for fresher breath and a better Valentine’s Day!

Call our Cave Creek, AZ dental office today at 602-842-6188 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for breath treatment.