Dr. Beckham on Botox®

You may be familiar with the facial esthetic benefits of BOTOX ® injections. A quick procedure, and the distracting wrinkles around your eyes have faded into a more youthful appearance. As a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, Dr. Mike Beckham has found even more ways that BOTOX ® can benefit the patients of his Cave Creek, AZ dentist office.

Beating Headaches with BOTOX ®

Are you struggling with regular headaches that just won’t quit? Call 602-842-6188 today to schedule a time to talk with Dr. Mike Beckham.

You may have already visited your primary care physician, but that prescription doesn’t make the headaches stop. It only eases the pain when they come. You can find the cause of your headaches and receive a true solution from your Cave Creek, AZ dentist office at Beckham Dental.

While it may sound odd, BOTOX ® is our silver bullet for head and neck pain. To understand why, we need to look at what BOTOX ® does for the body.

How BOTOX ® Works with the Body

When BOTOX ® is injected into a facial muscle, it causes relaxation, which eases the wrinkles that form on the skin. Now think about a headache caused by tension in your jaw from clenching or grinding your teeth together. Or maybe your upper and lower jaw don’t align properly, so your jaw muscles and joint are constantly working to rest in a comfortable position.

These problems cause TMJ pain or migraines. In either instance, we can help by injecting a small dose (about half of what we use for facial esthetic treatment) of BOTOX ® into the struggling muscles. Within a few days, you will notice the results.

Your jaw will be resting easier, and the tension in your face will disappear. Sometimes this is all your jaw needs to repair itself. It can also give us a chance to see how your jaw naturally aligns and determine if further treatment is necessary.

Don’t Live with Headaches Any Longer

Visit Dr. Beckham in our Cave Creek, AZ dentist office to see if BOTOX ® could be the simple solution to your head and neck pain.

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